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Law (LLB) in the UK or Australia or Belgium

Hi, I'm from Norway and as the IB is downgraded in the Norwegian system its a small chance that I'd get into law here. I have applied to unis in the UK and Australia and gotten conditional offers from both.

My dream job would be to be a lawyer within criminal justice, however I also wish to work internationally. Will the British or Australian LLB give me better options at pursuing this?

I am looking at applying to study law in Belgium or the Netherlands, however considering taking a masters there instead?

Personally I am leaning more towards Australia because of the climate, however I also need to be able to pay for the tuition and living costs whilst having the oppertunity of securing a job relatively quickly afterwards.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could find accurate information on the rounds that one has to go through post- LLB to qualify as a lawyer in either country?

Thank you:smile:
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Hi im from the UK and wanting to study law at uni so i can help you, so overall in the UK lawyers is split into 2 jobs, solicitor and barrister, you cannot become both as it would take too long to take the tests for both, for a barrister you have to take the bar exam after uni whereas a solicitor needs to complete the SQE after uni, both jobs do different things that come under the umbrella of a lawyer. however there is multiple other legal careers available in the uk if these do not suit you. here are some articles to explain further

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