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Revising for A level mocks

Hi guys. I’m a Y12 student and I take biology (AQA), chemistry (OCR A) and psychology (OCR). I have an exam is around 3 weeks and i was wondering if any of you have advice for revising. I’m struggling with remembering biology content and exam technique as the mark scheme is so specific.
Are there any YouTube channels, online flashcards or alternative learning resources that would help me? Im working at Cs for everything but I want to get Bs in these mocks maybe even an A in one of my subjects.
i take biology and chemistry as well :smile:
for biology, Miss estruch is really great, check out her youtube if you haven’t already. She’s also AQA specific. Her videos cover all the spec, and I would try PMT questions after watching them.
For chemistry, CKChemistry has retrieval quizzes and online courses for organic, inorganic and pure, as well as revision activities! it is so helpful :smile:
hope this helps x

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