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Studying part time on a full time course repeat year

Hello! I would like to know how my maintenance loanand scholarship will be effected this year after takinga break in semester 2 now (during my 3rd year) dueto illness and caring responsibilities over my youngerbrothers. I completed semester 1 (40 credits - 2modules) apart from one of the modules which beganat semester 1 and is going through semester 2 aswell (40 credits big module) my illness, but still have80 credits worth to study if I will repeat year. So Iwould be possibly attending both semesters this year.But in the first semester I just have 1 big modulewhich I mentioned above - 40 credits and then onsemester 2 I would study 2 modules - 40 credits + thebig 40 credits module from semester 1 so it’s 80credits altogether (3 modules)

My university says that if I will have 80 credits I can’tbe enrolled as full time student (I need 90 credits) Butmy course is registred as full time? So what i willreceive in terms of living loan if i will have full timecourse but do part time hours (80 credits)?I will be classified as a part time student on a full time course.

Can anybody from student finance confirm this forme? I would be grateful! Thank you!
Hi nataliacieszynsk,

Please refer to my answer on the previous thread


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