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Beware Freshers scams - Fatsoma have started wristband scamming already.

Uni applicants and Freshers are a common target for scammers. I have already seen several potential scams and want to warn others.

Freshers tickets AKA wristband scam

Events companies (Fatsoma, FreshersLife etc.) organise parties and club nights aimed at Freshers. Hired 'reps' created or join Freshers/accommodation group chats, pretending to be students. One will ask about Freshers events, and another will recommend the company's event. They form fake friendships online with real students to manipulate them into buying tickets.

The events are overpriced to begin with, but they also push wristbands which give access to many events. These are extremely expensive. They falsely claim that tickets are selling out, so students panic and buy a wristband, rather than buying a cheaper ticket on the door.

They also use fine print to prevent refunds so students can't change their minds and get their money back, even if they bought months in advance. There are also accounts on Trust pilot of event dates or location being changed, or even tickets being cancelled by the company, but no refund being given.

Ultimately, the events do exist, and some people may want to buy tickets, but please do your research and make an informed choice. Don't fall for predatory marketing tactics.

Input from the official Salford team would be really helpful about what official Freshers events might be available!


Freshers Targeted by Dodgy Promotion Tactics

Fatsoma Trustpilot - positive reviews from ticket sellers, negative reviews from customers.

Anonymous description of working as a Freshers events rep****_it/

Anecdotally, I joined a Peel Park Quarter Snapchat group and 2 members immediately started the scam script for Fatsoma's Loosechaos events.

One of the Salford Freshers Facebook groups is run by Freshers Life, and they linked to a Freshers WhatsApp chat. I was asked to send identifying information. I commented in the Facebook group that I was nervous it was a scam, and was removed from the group.
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Great warning. I too remember the incessant advertising found in these group chats about freshers events and advance tickets and stuff. Truly not worth it, save your money and buy the tickets for the events you actually want to go to, closer to fresher's week!
Basically - anyone who is constantly asking questions about whether you have tickets or are going to specific events probably isn’t a student, and if they are a student then they aren’t a fresher. They’re pressure selling.


- Follow your SU accounts on social media. SU events do often sell out (but normally tickets will only go on sale in august).

- See if your university runs an “official” group on facebook or similar where you have to provide your application ID to join the group. This is a good way to meet “verified” freshers.

- speak to other applicants on TSR…the scammers get picked up and chucked out quickly here. Unlike facebook/insta and whatsapp.

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