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Which Peel park quarter building is the best?

I don't know how to choose the building.

Delaney 1, 2, Daber and Unsworth seem bad because they're disconnected from all the rest and the main desk.

Delaney 1 has laundry and a cinema which is good.

Lowry 1 has laundry, postboxes, main desk, cinema and games room which is really good (so you don't need to go outside to get post) BUT I heard the lift breaks for weeks at a time. That's so bad if you live on the top floor.

Ranulf has the gym and study space which is good, but they are accessed from outside anyway so it doesn't matter.

I don't know about Lowry 2, Pankhurst or Radclyffe. I heard one is bad because people smoke under the windows, but I don't know which one.

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