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MSc Pre-Registration Course Selection on SFE

When applying for a pre-registration allied health course funding (masters) on Student Finance England, do you select the undergraduate version or type in the title of the MSc Course Name?

I cannot find my MSC speech and Language therapy (2 years) on the course selection list, only the undergraduate 3 year version. I’m assuming this is because we have to apply via the undergraduate system due to the way it’s funded.

Can you clarify whether we should select the undergraduate version of the MSC pre-reg course, or we should use the ‘I can’t find my course’ heading and type the MSC version in?

Worried as SFE is saying:
“We can't assess your application or pay you any student finance until your course details have been confirmed”

My course is:

MSC Speech and Langauge Therapy (pre registration)
University of Essex

As I applied directly on the Essex University website, I don’t seem to have a course code either?

Any advice from SFE/ University of Essex would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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After you apply the university can adjust course codes when the finance comes through! I had this happen when I changed from Criminology and Psychology to Just Psychology it was smooth and didn't have much effect on me 🙂

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