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An international student need some help

So I don't know where I can ask this question but I'm currently in uni, but not in the UK, but in America. I am an international student and I'm not a native speaker of English. I have been practising British accent for a while and my new teaching assistant is from Oxford, England. Though he did not speak posh at all. I am wondering is it ok to talk to him and ask him some feedback on my accent? Literally he is the first British guy I have met at the school and i am aiming for rp, so I figure I need some help. But is it considered rude and unprofessional in the UK to just directly ask people about your accent? Do you guys think I should ask I'm or not?
Hey, I'm an international student in the UK. From personal experience, it is not rude to ask for feedback on your accent. You can just ask "is my accent okay?" or "does my accent sound fine?" or something similar, just some options. But don't worry, there is no wrong accent in English, there are so many English accents, and as long as you can speak English and your message gets across, you'll be fine :smile:

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