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She’s studying to become a

A Nurse so check im being so honest when i started with this girl we both were addicted to our choice of substances nonetheless i wanted nothing but the best for her because i always seen her potential we been dating for almost 9 years and now we are both in a better space in life “CLEAN” the thing is she’s in college now and she’s really focused on school but im confused because we hardly spend any time together and when i try she tells me how hard school has been but she never use to go a day without me and neither could I ….Am i wrong for wanting her time and attention i mean after all i did want this for her but i did cheat and it pushed us back some but man we have the best sex ever and i’m so in love with this girl what should i do
If you love her, don't cheat on her?
The courses to get into nursing are difficult and you need very good grades. If you really love her and want to be with her then support her with this journey. College is difficult and a lot of revision needs to be done. The journey she’s taking will aid your relationship in the long run as she’ll come out of uni with a well paid and stable job with the possibility to climb the ranks and earn more. It may be hard at first to accept that you won’t see her as much but in the long run it’ll be worth it because she’ll be happy. Don’t stop her from following her dream career.

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