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UK or US med application

I'm currently in year 12 and hoping to go on to study medicine / become a doctor. Although I dont live in the UK, (i live in dubai) I go to a school that works on british curriculum, meaning i do A levels and did GCSE's.

I'm trying to get more research where to study as i am an international student, my choices are between the UK and US mainly, but i am open minded about studying in europe, australia etc.

As for studying med in the US, i am aware that i have to take on a undergrad course before hand, whereas in the UK i can go straight into med. I am also worried about the fees, which would be more ideal?

I was also wondering if i needed to take SATs if i did decide to apply to the US, and when would be an ideal time to take them, im already aware of the UCAT exams.

I know that both placces are very hard / competative to get into, especially for an international student, however, i did use to go to school in the US, and my sister has an American pasport (if that helps??)

thank youuu

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