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I don’t know how to feel

Hello everyone,
Essentially put I just need advice on how to deal with my emotions and things. My girlfriend and I are quite new into the relationship and it’s been 2 months about now.

I know personally I’m a bit of a Jealous person as it is. She is in my opinion out of my league in looks. Anyways down to the question.

Recently, she has been talking a lot about guy friends. And to me, I don’t find the point. When I have a girlfriend, I don’t see the point in having other females in my life. My girlfriend is my pride and joy and I don’t look for that sort of interaction with any other girl because well she is my girlfriend. I don’t know how to say it but I am explained that I would always put her above any friends which are girls if I was to have any. She didn’t really reply to it leaving me wonder upon if she would always pick her male friends over me. She’s made it obvious no matter what she won’t get rid of guy friends which I respect. I don’t expect her too (no I’m not controlling). I just want to understand from a different perspective how to feel. I don’t fulfil getting attention from females and I don’t know if she feels fulfilled from getting attention from guys
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You are overthinking it. It's not a case of having friends of the opposite sex to get attention from them, it's just... having friends to talk and have a laugh with and do things together. A partner shouldn’t be the entire focus of a relationship; that's stifling. You should have other people with whom you can enjoy time.

I'd actually be cautious about being in a relationship with a male who has no female friends as I'd wonder if he understands how to relate to and communicate with women.

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