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Could I still be a good applicant for a maths degree?

Hi, so I'm doing 4 AS Level subjects (Maths, Further maths, Physics and French), however I've really not taken well to my French and before it's too late I need to decide should I drop French and stick with my others? I have my mind set on a degree in mathematics with Cambridge hopefully however I know this French a level will bring all my grades down but can I still get in without a fourth? Not just to there but all other maths, physics and engineering courses specifically? This is primarily because my school is quite strict on further maths being a complementary a level but I don't really think it should matter if I'm looking into maths, physics or engineering... right?
If you're going for a maths degree I would drop the French, especially if it'll bring down your other grades. And yes you can still get in without a fourth A level.
No University wants more than 3 A levels - so it really doesnt make any sense doing any additional subject that a) doesnt matter and b) you don't like.

Drop French.

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