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Male Strip Shows

I recently attended a full monty show for charity. My question is why in 2024 is male full frontal nudity seen as "fun" for the hundreds of ladies in the crowd, but if this was men screaming for a bunch of women to get their clothes of in a theatre we'd be classed very differently?
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An interesting question. There are venues where men go to watch women strip. And a Full Monty experience isn’t everyone cup of tea. However I take your point that for women it would be viewed more as innocent fun where for men it’s seedy. It’s probably because both are interested in attractive bodies, but in general men are more likely to be disrespectful and less vulnerable to the downsides of being purely a sex object
There's different grades to all these things. There's quite a bit of difference between a group of guys doing a strip on a stage at ladies night, and a group stripping and 'interacting' with the crowd in ways that are definitely sexual, quite common for some of the women to get grabby at these things or try and put things in their mouth if you get me.

Same goes for the other side, if you go to a burlesque show it all stays on stage and yeah you might see a bit of bum or boob, but if you start catcalling or overtly sexualising the dancers you'll get told to leave. A world of difference to a strip club where full nudity and private dances are being paid for and expected.
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Its a sexist world what can you do.
Although, one thing to bare in mind is the intent (which applies to both but men more so ive found) where theres more of a lecherous intent behind it. i.e. 'ooh boobies, let me touch' vs. women going for simply a jolly.
Then again is varies wildly between people on their opinion. Women here go to stirp clubs not infrequently as well so meh.

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