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I'm currently in Year 11 and planning to pursue my college education in the UK. My passion lies in Formula 1, particularly in the business aspect with little to no touch of marketing. I'm eager to explore apprenticeship opportunities within the Formula 1 community to gain valuable experience and eventually secure a permanent position.
I'd love to hear from individuals who have insights into the availability of apprenticeships in F1, particularly in the business realm with some involvement in marketing. How competitive is it to land one of these apprenticeships, considering the high demand and limited positions available?
Additionally, l'm curious to know if it's feasible to pursue such opportunities during my college years. Are there part-time or summer internships available within Formula 1 that could provide me with relevant experience while I continue my education (though I much rather prefer apprenticeships)?
Lastly, for those who have successfully navigated a career path within the Formula 1 community, I'm eager to learn about the strategies and steps you took to achieve your goals. How did you stand out in such a competitive field, and what advice would you offer to someone starting out, like myself?
My younger brother has a similar passion so I’m just gonna leave a message here to hopefully boost your post
I don’t know if the summer internship boat have sailed but McLaren, Mercedes and Williams do apprenticeships, work experience and internships. It might be worth looking on there early careers pages. With McLaren you can register your interest. Some of the other teams based in the uk might do it, it might be worth emailing HR for teams your interested in asking for more info? If not maybe ask junior formula teams (F4, F3, F2) or other series of motorsports as all experience is good experience from what I have gathered as it’s so competitive, I got on Williams work experience this year and over 2700 people applied. Apprenticeships are usually throughout the year, so just keep an eye out. But I think getting into contact with teams thoughout all levels and series of motorsport might be your best bet if you can’t find anything advertised, and just build up your experience.

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