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English Lit A-Level Question Help

i am currently practicing some past papers - and decided to challenge myself with some of the harder questions.

i am currently stuck on this particular question. "literature suggests that discipline is most effective not when it is imposed on us by others, but when it comes from within."

i do understand that it is about self discipline vs discipline but i am struggling to find examples of it in the texts i study.

i study 'a dolls house' and rossetti poetry. any help is appreciated :smile:
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Have you tried looking at Goblin Market from Rossetti poetry with Lauras lack of self-discipline in contrast to her sister Lizzie who resisted the temptation of eating the Goblins fruit. A Dolls house you can focus on Noras lack of discipline when she cannot control herself around the macaroons you can argue she does this because it’s imposed on her husband Torvald.

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