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Which Unis to choose for psychology?

Hey everyone! I'm a mature home student who's about to start a BSc in Psychology this September. I'm trying to decide which unis I want to firm and insurance on UCAS. I've gotten an offer from Nottingham but I'm still waiting on Bath and Newcastle.
I've done some research on all the unis and their location etc. but I still can't choose! I really like Nottingham as a city, and I like the course, but I don't know how good the teaching and staff are. I like Newcastle's course the most (neutral about the city) but same deal, not sure about the teaching. I know Bath is really good for psychology and the teaching is great, but I worry about how expensive it is. If anyone has any advice on which to choose or insight into what psychology is like at Notts or Newcastle I'd really appreciate it!

Great to hear you are considering studying Psychology - have you considered studying at Lancaster? I am in my final year of my BSc Psychology degree here and I have loved it. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia for my 3rd year, and then came back to Lancaster for my final year. One of Lancaster's biggest selling points is our Psychology Employability Programme which allows you to gain first hand research experience without having to do a placement year. We have a very impressive BabyLab facility in which you can get involved in developmental research which is recognised around the world. I have found the department really friendly and welcoming, so have also decided to stay on to do a masters in the department.

Here is the link to our wesbite where you can also find the undergraduate brochure.

If you have any questions about the uni or life in Lancaster please let me know or use the UniBuddy function on the website!

Best of luck with your applications!

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Have you already got an undergrad degree? If so, look at doing the MSc Psychology conversion.

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