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Liberal Arts at UEA

I am a year 12 student studying English lit, law and drama and I have been trying to decide what i want to pursue in university. I picked these three subjects because i enjoyed them, not because i was concerned about career paths. I've been in between applying to a drama school or doing law for a while until a friend brought up the idea of a Liberal Arts degree. Now i am almost certain this is what i need to do in uni.

I've had my heart set on UEA for a while. Logistically, it fits within all my concerns, far enough from London, close enough to home, large student population, green spaces, good community etc. Also, the school seems to take arts and sports very seriously and even though i want to put perusing performing arts on the backburner, i still want to keep in shape and stay involved in that community through drama societies, music societies and dance clubs.

That leads me here. I have a couple questions i would love to have answered regarding this degree.
1.) How many people are taking this degree?
2.) To add on to the first question, how many people are there in each major?
3.) What is the workload like?
4.) Are elective courses dependent on majors and minors?
5.) Is a Liberal Arts degree actually worth it? (in terms of jobs, i know this degree would be beneficial to me as a person!)
6.) How diverse is UEA, and specifically this course?

Thank you!!!!!

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