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Help with exceptional circumstances form!

Background info:
Im currently a first year student who is dealing with chronic stomach pain since 2023 due to a surgery that went wrong. Because the details of the surgery are still being discussed and the hospital has been ignoring me It has been difficult in getting a diognosis, but I do have a scan booked for end of the month.

Anyway, my chronic pain has had a significant impact on my University life and ability to complete assestments, one of my take home exams I was not able to do which is 40% of one module, and another coursework I have not been able to do which is 50% of another module. Other than that I am currently at a 2:1.

I have to fill out an exceptional circumstances form to hopefully be able to resit during the summer, or have the assessments missed not be considered when creating my yearly average grade.

Can anyone who has filled out a form like this advise me on what I should include to increase my chances of getting it accepted please?

The main things I am worried about is one the hospital and my doctor have not sent any documents regarding the surgery or the complications to me (which I am probably going to have to get through legal action atp), and also the guidlines for the exceptional circumstances say that being given extensions means that exeptional circumstances may not be accepted unless I can demonstrate the extensions were not sufficient. So how do I make sure I demonstrate this?

Any help would be really appreciated. I will contact the disability team at my Uni for advice as well, but advice from others who have experienced it will also be really helpful.
i have chronic migraine. before i managed to get a specialist for the diagnosis, i simply have my GP verify my medical information.
in your circumstances, i will provide medical certificates / bills / anything that confirms your surgery, accompanied by a GP certificate and brief paragraphs explaining your situation. if you have a social worker or academic advisor at school who is aware of situation, ask them to help write a statement too.

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