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Need help - A level

I’m wondering should I drop out and do an access to university course or a level 3 course I’m 18 and from Northern Ireland.

I’m at my third school repeating first year of a levels I got 2 Bs at AS level but due to personal reasons I had to leave. My new school is a grammar school which the teachers are lovely but the pupils do put immense amount of pressure on themselves that I have never seen before at my past 2 schools which were public schools. At my grammer school I keep struggling to concentrate, my As level exams are coming up and I have never felt as unmotivated in my life ( I know I’m capable of doing well ). As well I keep gettting so ill.
I would suggest taking them, as you've dedicated 3 years of your life to them, but perhaps if you don't get the results you want maybe take time off to do that access course or level 3

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