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Calling up St Andrews on results day

Hey everyone- I have recently been rejected from St Andrews to study English lit which I am not feeling great about as St Andrews was my first choice. I emailed for feedback and was told there was nothing wrong with my application (A*A*A* and grades 7-9 GCSE) and the reason for my rejection was due to there being too many applicants.
I know St Andrews doesn't participate in clearing, but I was wondering if anybody knows the chances of ringing on results day to see if they would offer me a place if there are some spaces due to students not meeting their offers?
I should also note that I am willing to be flexible with my degree and would be happy with comp lit, creative writing etc.
If anybody knows of any current students accepted this way or has some advice on my chances with this I would really appreciate it. I'm stuck at the moment on whether to hold out hope for stas or whether to move on and seriously consider my other options :frown:

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