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It's quite a completed situation, so I'll try to be brief....I was a TA for a number of years and then an NQT 9 years ago. I got pregnant and very ill, resulting in long hospital stays and missing the last 2 terms of my NQT. Cue maternity leave and another year off. Returned to my school and well, lets just say I was given zero support and bullied out of my role by the HT who was also my mentor. I left after Union involvement but had already been bullied into accepting the 'did not make the standards' for term 2. I'd like to return to teaching in some capacity, but after having my confidence shredded and being away for so long, I have no idea where to start or even if I am allowed. Can I become an HLTA? If I become an ECT, do I only have to complete 1 term, or do the 2 years come in to play? Any advice from anyone in the know would be amazing! Thanks so much.

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