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Paris anthology helpppp pleasee

Hi, im in year 12 currently studying paris anthology, ive got my mocks in a few weeks and im really struggling on the frameworks eg: lexis/semantics/graphology etc, does anyone have any notes?? ive seen people do notes but just not finished them which is frustrating. THANK YOU!!!!!
Hiya there, currently a year 13 who has sat their Paris anthology A-level. My biggest tip to learn terminology is Seneca! It's really easy to use and helped me loads to understand key terms. Another one for learning terminology is the "Zigzag guide", pretty sure you can find it on google, but they give you a big list of terminology you need to learn and definitions to put on flashcards ect. I would also suggest memorising the GAPCM (genre, audience, purpose, context and mode+register) for each text as you get a lot of marks in your essay for explaining how these effect the structure of your text. Finally, to practice I would always print out pages of my anthology and blindly annotate them and then use your anthology to assess what types of terminology you don't understand as well and revise them further. Hope this helps, good luck with the course!

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