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Hi all, I have applied for my finance for the start of sep 2024 and I’m moving from humanities Foundation to History and Politics (Year 1) however on my application for finance it would only let me choose year 3, so I did as I thought you could change it later on.

However now it’s on the application process and the only way it can be changed is if I send mail.

Note last year after my application was approved I had to make a full change to a course ( as I didn’t get into first year ) and I had no prompt to send by mail.

So can I wait for the application to be approved online to then make changes on their website so I don’t have to send any letters?
Thank you
(edited 3 months ago)
Hi Charlie,

Can you confirm you what university you will attend and how many years does the course last? It would not allow you to select year 1 or 2 only year 3 of the course?

Thanks, Drew

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