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gyg: revision time, lads 💪✨

Hello hello, and welcome to my very own grow your grades!👋
Inspired by that of others, i have deliberated 🤔 and decided 😔 upon making a gyg, in the hope that it will instill some motivation 💪 in me.
I'm literally doing 1 gcse, iGCSE maths (edexcel AND higher 🤓), cause i did latin (grade 7) english (grade 9) , bio (grade 8), classics (6) and ancient hist. (6 UGH) i/GCSEs last/ last last year(S).

✨maths✨ is... a subject...? it's very uh interesting (lies 🤥) i'm pretty average, grade hopefully 5+.

but im ALSO doing ✨IRISH!✨ 🍀☘️
tryna get up to b1 level, which sucks cause im rock-bottom lol. i did go to gaeilscoil 🏫 for all of 4 (interesting) years, but i have since been homeschooled from a young age 👧 and since forgot the irish language and all of its hopes and joys 😍. i hope by next year i will achieve that TEG B1 level! 😃😃
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ok so today i haven't done irish yet, but i will attempt to cover 'talking about my family, counting to 100' in my book.
i did maths, still doing it, covered solving quadratic inequalities, then i will cover either motion of a particle/reciprocal of cubic graphs later, i hope! 😆🤪🥰
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today i revised
✔️ quadratic and reciprocal graphs
✔️ finding the equation of the tangent to a curve
✔️similar shapes
✔️motion of a particle
no irish 🙅*♀️ cause today was just a mathsy day. tomorrow i hope to cover describing adjectives in irish, ie. arda, láirde, tanaí, leandránacha, etc. and how to apply those ajds properly to people words (ie, deirfiur, mo mhamaí, etc)
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Nice 👏 keep going
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ok. today i covered
➡️ 'intro to describing myself and family members' in my irish workbook.
➡️ i made a flashcard set to help with the irish vocab🤓☝️
➡️ solving problems with upper and lower bounds
➡️ i watched a recording of one of my videolessons for maths (coverings loads of topics. hopefully i will do the worksheets for them tomorrow.)
i didn't cover too much today, cause i was busyyyy
➡️ BUT i did some tests on after midnight today (breh does it count as today...????) as well. love a late-night study sesh!!

Original post by Qpd
Nice 👏 keep going

also, thanks! 😄
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today i
➡️ revised surds
➡️ did a past paper for maths. i think i did well? it's too late to mark rn, ill find out tomorrow
➡️ watched the live lesson for this week's topics (again, maths, irish died ok)

i'm feeling kind of burnt out, but i'm not doing enough studying (!!! 😨😱) so aaaahhhhhh
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ok, today i...
*ೃ༄➜ covered finding the perimeter and area of 2d shapes after enlargement.
*ೃ༄➜ found the volume of 3d solids after enlargement
*ೃ༄➜ constructing accurate triangles
*ೃ༄➜ constructing a perpendicular bisector
*ೃ༄➜ constructing an angle bisector (same thing as last lol 🤪)
*ೃ༄➜ LOOKED AT THE EXAM AID (which i didn't know was a thing 😣)
geometry is soothing.

then for irish ☘️ i did:
*ೃ༄➜ grammar time 1: an chopail (basically how words change depending on who they apply to)

im not doing a midnight exam paper cause i need sleep 😣🥺
(and i probably wont study tmrrw SO ON SUNDAY ILL DOUBLE UP, HOPEFULLY!!! 💪💪💪💪)

bye lads 👋😜
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👏 nice
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today i did an exam paper and some revision worksheets. (all maths)
i'll try and get today's and the other day's exam paper marked tomorrow or smth. it'll take aaages 😩
so what i need to work on, imo, is

sine graphs??? i've literally never covered them before smh 😣😱


the kinda symmetry, curve, line, graphing equation type questions where there's no graph and u just have to figure it out from theory 😩

im done 👍😝
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*ೃ༄➜ did some of grammar time 2: prepositions 'do', 'ar', 'ag'
*ೃ༄➜ did some of a maths exam paper
*ೃ༄➜ did some maths qs on drfrostmaths WHICH IS SO GOOD, i 1000000% RECCOMEND
*ೃ༄➜ did some questions from a cgp maths book i found.

today i didn't actually FINISH anything. ugh.
i feel slightly unmotivated...? i just keep skipping thru questions and doing easier stuff. which is obviously bad. and i'm struggling for time (MAJORLY) on exam papers, i ig i'd best start timing myself. and actually marking my papers... 🤦*♀️
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actually i just noticed this is the MOST BORING GYG i've ever read lmfao
but what can i do lol
*ೃ༄➜ i did an exam paper for maths (gotta get round to marking them at some point smh)
*ೃ༄➜ i found these maths exam 'passports' to grades (revision checklists, showing what i need to revise to what to do) did some of the checklist for the basic ahh grades (LIKE 1) so like, gotta go thru them fast
*ೃ༄➜ did some quizlet. it rlly wants my money.
i wanna finish studying 'earlier' today cause i wanna watch tv with my mum and ACTUALLY READ A FICTIONAL BOOK.
also, no irish today but OH WELL. i can rlly concentrate on irish during the summer, that should be 'nice'.
GOODLUCKK :thumbsup:
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so i did
*ೃ༄➜ i watched one of those exam paper walkthru vids where he goes thru all the exam Qs and i did the paper alongside him (helps for the topics im dodgy in)
*ೃ༄➜ did some practice Qs
that's literally it which doesnt sound like much, oh bleep 😩

Original post by Garciia.21
GOODLUCKK :thumbsup:
also tysm 🥺
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*ೃ༄➜ did live maths class, was abt stuff ppl commonly messed up
*ೃ༄➜ did some of this week's worksheets, abt basic algebra concepts and finding the gradient of a curve at a point
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im not tired lmao
also irish died, ill just not do it when maths papers are SO CLOSE and i REALLY REALLY need to pass maths so...

but today (SO FAR) i've done
*ೃ༄➜ surds
*ೃ༄➜ standard form
*ೃ༄➜ algebra exam practice 1
*ೃ༄➜ revision passport stuff
*ೃ༄➜ some Qs i left unanswered in old exam paper
i might to all nighter idek cause im going out tomorrow, won't get much studying time in i don't think, also cause my sleep schedule is well bad so that might fix it?

also been revising some spanish!!! starting alevels soon enough eeeeeeee (im gonna do classics, spanish, english lang. 💅)
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i forgot this existed 💀
i'm doing good so far
i'll probably pass
studying lots
my sleeping schedule is out the window tho :/
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ok so today i haven't done irish yet, but i will attempt to cover 'talking about my family, counting to 100' in my book.
i did maths, still doing it, covered solving quadratic inequalities, then i will cover either motion of a particle/reciprocal of cubic graphs later, i hope! 😆🤪🥰

i'm in year ten and we covered quadratic inequalities today 😭 i am actually so lost, planning on bingeing corbettmaths videos later

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