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Chances of pregnancy with progestogen-only pill?

My GF has been taking the progestogen-only pill for around 5 months and we usually always use extra protection too ie a Condom. However today we were messing around and I put it in her without a condom for a couple of seconds which we've done before too. There was hardly any pre if any. It may sound stupid but what are the chances of her getting pregnant?
The Progesterone-only pill can be used as a form of birth control. Seeing as she has been on it for more than 3 months It should've settled into her system by now (as long as she hasn't missed any days). I would say there is always a possibility of getting pregnant, however in my personal opinion I don't think she could be. Personally I would advise you to still get her a pregnancy tests as its better to know now than later. Hope this helps :smile:
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Chance of pregnancy is zero. She's on the pill and no ejaculation. Stop worrying.

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