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QUB decisions

I’ve applied for a business and language course at QUB (undergrad 2024), and have not heard anything yet. I’m aware that the interviewing process for nursing/medicine etc means that a lot of offers/decisions won’t get made until the May deadline, however, I don’t know if it’ll be the same for me. Every other subject I’ve seen on here seem to have received offers already so I’m unsure what to expect (but not found any other business/lang applicants). They also seem to make some people offers very early on and others wait months (even for the same course) - so there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Is there some sort of waitlisting process behind the scenes?

I also had to miss the offer holder day due to not knowing. I know this is a common issue with QUB applicants, but I’ve been checking emails multiple times a day for 5/6 months and my brain just feels super drained now. If I know it’ll be the deadline that I’m waiting for then I’ll lay off it and just wait for that date, but the ambiguity is frustrating because I don’t want to miss anything coming through earlier either… hence the daily email checks! I know nobody will be able to advise when I’ll hear back, but are there any other business/lang applicants who have heard back yet? Can anyone share in this frustration? :,)

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