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Are you Depressed, Anxious, Stressed ?.

This is part copy and paste from Guardian today;

Whether it is a hug from a friend or the caress of a weighted blanket, the sensation of touch appears to bring benefits for the body and mind, researchers say.The sense of touch is the first to develop in babies and is crucial in allowing us to experience the environment around us as well as communicate. Indeed, the loss of touch from others during the Covid pandemic hit many hard.However, while myriad studies have suggested touch is beneficial for our health, few have attempted to draw the vast field of research together.Now experts have done just that, revealing a simple message: touch helps.Dr Helena Hartmann, a co-author of the research from University Hospital Essen, said: “More consensual touch events throughout our day can help alleviate or potentially buffer against mental and physical complaints.”
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Thanks for sharing!
this is why hugs are good!!
Just thought, maybe this is why young people seem to hug each other more that previous generations , all the stress and anxiety in their lives ?.Without perhaps knowing why exactly they feel better after a hug or using weighted blanket ?. It does increase Serotonin, Oxytocin and other hormones ,which is quite amazing when you realise that.

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