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The Future of GP

Do you think GP specialty is still attractive? Locum roles are becoming scarcer and ANPs and PAs are more and more doing the roles GPs did. There is a chance some GPs may become unemployed in the future.

What makes them attractive to you? thats the only way anyone can answer with any accuracy.

"There is a chance some GPs may become unemployed in the future" I mean, what are you basing that on?

Unemployed by who? Id also assume you know GPs are doctors with specialty training but still medics, the world isnt getting rid of its medics!

ANPs and PAs (there a lot of threads on here recently with this btw) are doing the work because there isnt enough GPs

I mean you can think its a conspiracy its not unheard of, but both the ANP and PA need the DMP supervision they literally cannot practice the scope they do without one.

My prediction based on absolutely sweet FA is that GPs will end up like head teachers, especially IF YOU DONT GO AND BECOME ONE!!

Happy Weds

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