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GCSE revision for a month: Help

What is the most effective way to revise for GCSE's in a month. I have not been revising and now I am completely stuck on where to go from here, I am aiming for top grades so if anyone has any tips please give them. I am also autistic so if anyone has any tips specifically which has helped them it would be very much appreciated!
Hi, I'm not autistic but hope my tips can help you.

I was in a fairly similar position in 2022. I didn't start revising until last minute. One thing I did is make mind maps on all the topics and flashcards for subjects like science. This can be time consuming so you may want to buy some that have already been made (make sure it's for your exam board). Make sure your notes align with your subject specification. You can find these on your exam board websites for each subject.

For maths, I did have a tutor but another thing that helped me was doing past papers and watching past paper walkthroughs on YouTube. I recommend theGCSEmathstutor and a website called maths genie.

For all your subjects I would recommend past paper walk throughs / exam structure videos on YouTube. These will save you.

I looked at past papers a lot and the mark schemes to get an idea of what the examiner is looking for. Completing past papers will be very handy as you'll realise that the questions are all very similar and eventually you'll get the hang of answering them.

If you don't have any notes at this stage I'd say find some pre written ones online and try to condense them. Or if you have the time make them, but don't write things word for word, summarise it and put it all onto a mind map so you have something that's useful and all in one place.

Blurting is also really helpful. You essentially write down everything you know about a topic using no notes at all. When you're done use your notes to add in information you might have missed out in a DIFFERENT COLOUR. Repeat until you have successfully written everything you need to know without having to add information.

Another thing I did was watch GCSE revision tip videos on YouTube. You may find other techniques that could work better for you.

That's pretty much it but feel free to ask any questions
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Thank you!
How did you revise for English Literature at this stage, about 2 weeks before exams, as my main problem is just learning quotes + general analysis?

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