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ENGAA 2023 Worked Solutions - ESAT Preperation

Greetings Future ESATers! I have created a full set of worked solutions for the ENGAA 2023 paper.

Attached below are section 1 parts A and B, as well as section 2. As a wise man once said, worked solutions can be a double-edged sword, so please refer to the documents when checking your work or if you are still not arriving at the correct answer after many tries. I've provided explanations where necessary to aid your understanding. Additionally, feel free to share any shortcut methods you may have discovered that are more efficient than mine.
These solutions are based on the actual paper I sat for my Cambridge application in October, which is one of the reasons why I've only prepared solutions for 2023.

I highly recommend starting your preparation for the ESAT as soon as possible; there's no better time to begin practicing than now. While Cambridge will release some ESAT revision material in May, practicing with all the ENGAA, NSAA, and PAT past papers remains the most effective way to revise. I've also included links to ENGAA solutions for previous years, courtesy of another individual:

Below, you'll find links to the 2023 past paper, specification, and my worked solutions. Your support by liking this post is greatly appreciated, as preparing these solutions has required many hours of effort.

Best of luck with your application!

My Solutions and 2023 Paper and Specification:
ENGAA Past Papers:

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Is the ESAT similar to all the ENGAA, NSAA, and PAT?

Thank you so much!
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Original post by sadasdwrte
Is the ESAT similar to all the ENGAA, NSAA, and PAT?
Thank you so much!

No one really knows yet as there is no specimen paper, (coming in May) I believe. But it would be the most similar to the ENGAA. But it depends on what sections you take in the ESAT as there is not one fixed path like the ENGAA.

This link should explain it.

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