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Can I get funding for Graduate Medicine?

I have a first degree and masters (achieved 2:1 and Merit) in Japanese at Sheffield Uni and Masters from University of Glasgow. During COVID lockdown I had a complete change of career direction, where for many personal reasons I realised I would like to pursue a medical helping career, and enrolled on a nursing degree as I felt this was the best route into this since I already have a degree and could be funded this way. I wasn’t truly sure if this was the right option for me in healthcare, but figured it could open doors I wouldn’t be able to access otherwise with no relevant healthcare experience, so it felt like a step in the right direction. This year I have also been diagnosed with autism and have suspected ADHD, which have definitely contributed to my winding path in life so far. The diagnosis has been hugely enlightening for me, and explained so much of why I studied during my A levels. (I achieved ABB in psychology, biology and English, but a D in Chemistry, and was very disengaged with my studies at the time as I was overwhelmed and had never learned proper study skills.) Having a mentor and access to disability support has been incredible for me, but I recently became aware of graduate medicine as a field, and considering I originally was interested in medicine during my A levels but didn’t feel I was doing well enough to apply, I’ve become compelled to believe this is the path I should really be on. Although I love the person-centred element of nursing, I am finding it somewhat understimulating intellectually, and seeing the role of doctors through placements is reinforcing this for me. I feel incredibly frustrated that I wrote myself off from applying for medical school when I was younger, but long story short, I am from a very underprivileged background and the first person in my family to enter higher education at all, so just didnt really believe it was an option for me. I’m now thinking about leaving my nursing program to apply to study graduate medicine, and starting doing some care work in the meantime to afford to live in the meantime as well as building up some relevant experience, but I’m worried that this year I have taken in nursing is going to affect my funding. Can anyone advise on whether I would still be eligible to be funded for the graduate entry medicine program? I really driven to achieve this, but I don’t know that it will be possible without funding support. Finding out that this is still something someone can achieve in their 30s has really renewed my hope in life, and I know I am academically capable.
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