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poetry NEA recommendations please! <3

hey all! i do alevel english lit B (tragedy and crime) and for our NEA component, we need to do one NEA on a novel and another studying poems from a collection of poetry. ive got my novel, the picture of dorian gray, which ill be focusing on with through the lens of character.

i would really appreciate some poetry recommendations. we are highly encouraged to study through either the lens of FEMINISM or MARXISM. id rather poets who arent explicitly 10000% of either of these, as we need to critically analyse.

hope u all have a good day and please drop any recs u have! i need some by tomorrow hahahaha i left this so last minute :smile:

For our poetry we studied The Worlds Wife anthology by Carol Ann Duffy which was really good for feminism but also brings forward poems that are not entirely feminist too 🙂
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I did Christina Rossetti through a feminist lens, with a couple poems from Goblin Market and other poems, focussing mostly on Goblin Market since it's quite long

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