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By reading and revising ur qork
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Original post by Comely
By reading and revising ur qork

Here are some tips:

Use Physics and Maths tutor to get past paper questions, go through all of them

For Biology, remember the mark scheme for common questions that appear: Best way to get a 9 (i did that)

For chemistry, do tons of past paper questions: they all appear to have same concept

for Maths, skip easy questions from past papers and go to end markers and complete those first, those are worth all of marks and are hard to do

Languages: Probably best thing to do is just read over AQA Language book

Humanities: If u want i got good notes covering all the topics

English: search online predicted papers and basically practice writing essays with key points going over the videos, for creative writing i think that this is the easy part but depends on your skill. Also, remember quotes that can be used for every essay

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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