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Hisotry A level CCEA 2024 Exam help A2

Hi guys feel free to use this to help you with clash or Ireland or any other topic your studying to help with our exam. The two topics I am studying are Clash of ideologies 1900- 2000 and Ireland 1900- 1925. i’m really struggling to revise clash of ideologies, I’m not sure where to start, it’s so complicated and it’s easy to get confused with all the tiny details. I keep being told what did Russia do and how did the west respond, but I’m very confused as to what they actually done and learning this from presentations, because of all the nitty gritty detailed required to learn, equally so if you have any revision materials on Quizlet for example that could aid me in understanding and revising content if you could leave a link that would be really appreciated, equally so any Quizlet you got on Ireland or any exam advice as to how to make a good essay would also be appreciated can anyone help?
Thank you!
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