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University of Liverpool or City, University of London

Hi, I am an American student planning on studying media and communications. I have gotten accepted into both City Uni of London and Uni of Liverpool, and am struggling to decide which one to go to. I know Liverpool is highly ranked and more prestigious overall, but City Uni of London was ranked #1 in the UK (at least according their website). Additionally City Uni being in the nation's largest city also seems to be rather convenient for someone looking to make connections in the field of media and communications. However, the Uni of Liverpool also seems to have an excellent program as well. I am curious which one would be better for my major specifically and increase my job opportunities post graduation.

In addition to the academic side of things, I also would love to hear about what life is like as a student in London or Liverpool. Like what is the overall vibes of each of the cities? Is one more walkable or better in regards to public transportation than the other, does one have better nightlife than the other, and what are the people like in these cities? Are students typically happier in one of these cities?

The tuition is over 4000 pounds more expensive at Liverpool but I hear the cost of living is much cheaper there so that is also something to take into account.

Sorry for making this so long, I am just trying to figure out where I want to spend the next three years of my life (or potentially longer) so I would love to hear what y'all think. Thanks!
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Hi evanius, As far as I know, student life in London is characterized by several factors. Firstly, London boasts numerous world-class cultural and artistic venues, providing students with endless opportunities for cultural and artistic experiences. Secondly, there is a diverse range of dining options in London, catering to various tastes. Lastly, London is home to many nightclubs, bars, and music venues, offering entertainment options for everyone, from traditional English pubs to trendy nightclubs.
On the other hand, student life in Liverpool is known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere. It is considered a friendly and welcoming city, where students can easily integrate into the local community and form lasting friendships. Additionally, Liverpool is situated by the beautiful River Mersey, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking in parks and along the riverbanks.
Based on my advice, I would recommend London for your future campus life, considering the factors mentioned above.
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hi, i went to both unis for an open day and i enjoyed liverpool more out of them both liverpool defo has more resources then city and its more cheaper then city of london. liverpool better nightlife too and its more exciting (to me)
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also forgot to mention im doing coms and media too and met the lecturer i liked liverpool lecturer

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