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Hi. Im in my gcse and want to know the best way of memorising information for case studies and stuff. Teachers always waffle about how reading is passive and revision should be done through active recall but which way is the best to memorise stuff?
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id say once you have ur notes whats more effective for me more than flash cards cuz they're just long to type ups or make id read a section or however much then id get my whiteboard and blurt basically just write down everything I remembered go back check what I missed and then write it out again until ive written everything then just either rewrite it one more time to solidify since my notes are pretty specific with key terminology or write down ur thought process with key word to make sure u understood it aswell since its so much easer when u understand something than memorise cuz it will just become part of ur knowledge
I used this method on Saturday to learn my whole chem paper 2 and finished in abt 7 hours with all my triple content and required practicals etc
then apply ur knowledge in doing passed paper questions on the case studies
with these methods I feel like at least for me if im constantly writing something out and I have understood the concepts it works almost foolproof for me
its how I did my mocks revision the night before and got nines in them, since the gcses questions always gonna be on smth u know thats on ur boards spec
with case studies try work ur way up with what u memorise like smaller evidences and then make sure u know how u would explain it
also what id say is crucial is pick evidences and points from case studies that u could use interchangeable in any question from the case studies topic
its the only thing I do for English all the time and always get nines I have 3 set quotes and analysis even when my question was on banquo which I had no quotes on I used the extract and my quotes and altered my analysis I know the plot with timings roughly but I couldn't tell u confidently who's son is donaldbain fleance or any of that but others will try memorise quotes for everyone but its just important what u write in the analysis and how u back up or argument as use never scene an examiner go well that quotes wrong here , since ur evidence should be applicable to any question u should be able to save time and memorise significantly less also attempting the past paper questions will help u identify what evidence that could be since for geography its the same questions reused pretty much however bear in mind for things like geography keep at least 2 pieces of cases study evidence to develop further

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