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Politics at Glasgow vs Strathclyde

Currently I hold a conditional offer for Politics at Glasgow, and an unconditional offer for Politics at Strathclyde. These are my two top unis by far, and I know I want to study in Glasgow as I was born and raised there and love the city, however I am not sure which uni to go to. I know that Glasgow is generally ranked higher for politics, But I also know that Strathclyde has higher rates of student satisfaction. I've been to offer holder days and researched the courses and both seem very good which is making it more difficult to make a desicion. Currently I am leaning towards Glasgow as I prefer the campus and have heard student life is amazing there, however I have also heard the work is extremely difficult to the point of being overbearing and the uni itself is overcrowded. So I am still on the fence about where to go and was wondering if any former or current Politics students or anyone with knowledge of both unis could help me out?

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