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Please Help! Seek input on University selection for Finance

Hi! I'm an international student seeking advice on which university to attend for an MSc in Finance for the September intake.

I want to pivot my career into more middle—and front-office finance roles. I am unsure which university would solidify my CV as I lack on the ground knowledge of the job market, especially in developed and highly saturated markets like the UK.

I have these offers with estimates of total rent + tuition in bracket. Scholarship is factored in already-

Bath - MSc in Finance (38-40k)
Nottingham - MSc in Finance and Investment (30k)
Lancaster - MSc in Finance (26k since got a Scholarship of 13.3k)
QMUL - MSc in Finance and Investment (40k)
I eagerly await Durham(Finance and investment) and Edinburgh(Finance). However, I have also applied to Henley (Finance), Birmingham(Investments), Exeter(Financial Analysis and Fund Management), Glasgow(International Financial Analysis), and KCL(Banking and Finance).

A bit about my background: I am a part-qualified ACCA with eight years of experience in FP&A + Analytics at companies like BlackRock, PwC, and Baxter Inc. I'll soon be clearing the ACCA to become fully qualified. I graduated with first-class honours in commerce (Delhi University, India) and intend to sign up for the CFA for next year's Feb 2025 exam for L1. So my question is basically, Which university would make my profile stronger so I need not think twice about applying to senior roles within Finance or have the employers worry about my credibility when it comes to roles that require a Master's, especially in banking and finance? I am okay with taking a pay cut if the roles are more mid and front but not at all if it's back office. An input from one having worked or studied in Finance will help immensely. Thank you!
Hi @Kantree,

Congratulations on receiving all those offers.

I would suggets looking at the modules for each courses to help you determine which one will be of interest and beneficial to your career.

I wish you the best for the future!

Kingston University Postgraduate Student Representative
Bath seems like the best uni out of the ones you listed I think
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Original post by Carter03052
Bath seems like the best uni out of the ones you listed I think

On paper yes, but I don't know how much of an impact a Uni would make when I have ACCA and CFA L1 to show along with it. Reason I am second guessing Bath is only cuz of the amount of money it involves over and above what lancaster offers. Btw I have acceptance from Birmingham now too but again just the tuition is 32k
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Hey! Can we connect? I am also in a very similar space and looking at the same uni's.
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Original post by vaibhavkapoor77
Hey! Can we connect? I am also in a very similar space and looking at the same uni's.

Hey Vaibhav, sure thing. Check your DM

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