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Work experience for vet med

Okay so I am absolutely 100% sure I want to be a vet and I just want to get some input to be sure that I’m on the right track work experience wise. I’m 15 so most places won’t take me yet but I turn 16 in August. I already have two places set up (one at my dogs vet, the other at a dog shelter) and I plan on staying at both of them for a year minimum, probably longer. I’m not sure how often I’ll be in for yet but I’d assume a couple hours a week at each.

Other than this, I have a year and a bit of voló úñete ring at a charity shop however I’d rather not add that as the manager hated literally all of us, including me, so I feel like it would only harm my application rather than help it. I also have DofE bronze and I’m going to do silver in sixth year.

Obviously I have to get experience with other animals as well but that should be easy enough because there are like 5 farms within walking distance from me and horse stables, but I think I’ll wait until late fifth year/early sixth year for that. I don’t want to do too much and risk my grades dropping so I was planning on keeping it at that for now but could someone please tell me if I’m doing okay so far?

(P.S. I’m going to go to a Scottish university ((hopefully)) so I don’t know if that changes anything)
Whilst you wait for the age barrier to drop, medic mentor has a virtual vet work experience programme (it’s one day a month for 6 months and previous sessions are rerun). Hope this helps.
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Sounds like you’re doing great! Something to bear in mind is that some schools only take into account experience acquired max 18 months before you apply.

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