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What kind of visa did you get when awarded a 1 + 3 master´s + PhD in UK?

I was awarded a scholarship from the UK that will fund my master´s degree and my PhD, in a UK university. I have accepted my unconditional offer for the master´s degree, and my PhD offer has been referred for next year, when finishing my master´s. I am curious about (there is still about 2 weeks to know) which kind of visa I will need to get. Although the funding is for the full duration (4 years), I think that I will need to get first a master´s visa, as I will be enrolled as a master's student, not PhD. Like, if I am a master's student, haven´t accepted any PhD offer, just having funding is not reason enough for getting a PhD visa, but a master´s visa, right?
Hello! Congratulations on your offer! Please, do you mind sharing the university and course you applied for and when you received your decision? Thank you

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