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Can i apply to top unis with these grades..?

Can i try to apply to top universities like Harvard with 7s,8s and 9s for igcse and good grades in other exams like A/Ls and SAT but a slightly lower highschool GPA...
Hi there,

Applying to top universities like Harvard involves several factors beyond just grades.

First of all, your 7s, 8s and 9s in IGCSEs demonstrate strong academic achievement and performance. Additionally, good grades in your A-Levels are also important so make sure that you perform will in these exams. While a slightly lower GPA is not ideal, it's still not necessarily a deal-break as admissions comittes consider other factors as well.

Secondly, Harvard values not only academic accomplishments but also personal qualities, talents and perspectives so remember to highlight any unique talents, experiences or personal circumstances that set you apart.

Finally, Harvard is committed to meeting the financial needs of admitted students so make sure to research available grants and scholarships.

Harvard looks beyond just grades so it's important to showcase your strengths, experiences and passions in your application.

I hope I managed to help!

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thankyou very much

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