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Student finance after a foundation? What is the new SFE LLE

My daughter has been offered a foundation at trinity laban MT! I have a couple of questions about student finance SFE!

[*]When we went to GSA open day they said that if you take a foundation using Student finance then you have to accept whatever you get when you audition again the following year, this is because by doing the foundation and passing you have now achieved a higher qualification and the only way to get student finance for BA degree is to transfer it to a full time degree the following year and therefore you have to accept whatever is on offer, otherwise you cannot access student finance again. Is this correct?

[*]Has anyone heard about LLE lifelong learning entitlement. This going to be the new student finance system that could be in place by 2025, from my understanding under the new LLE student finance you could do the foundation and then you could pick up the BA degree at any time (before you turn 60) and doesn't need to be consecutive years. So this would mean that you could take a gap between foundation year and full degree if she still doesn't have the offers she wants. Does anyone know anything about this?

I would really appreciate any advice around this if anyone knows about it, its all confusing! Daughter is just worried about taking the foundation in case she doesn't get offers the following year, she said it could be better to try again for the BA degree next year to protect her student finance rather that accept a foundation and start the clock on her student finance and risk being forced to take a degree next year that might not be where she wants to go.
Hi there. For the LLE, that is correct, you do not have to study consecutively. The Tuition Fee Loan can be used at any time up to a maximum of 180 credits in any 12 month period.

For the foundation course, would you be able to confirm the full name of the course and university so we can check if this is an eligible course? Would the course start this year or next? Thanks, Leah.

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