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Anyone got into Kingston Uni MSc Data Science (conversion)?
Hi @Ashleydaud1,

As a current student at Kingston University, I can share with you my experience.

Kingston University has a lot of supportive facilities to help students such as academic success, career & employability and the lecturers are approachable.

If you live away from Kingston, the positive thing about the university is that it is accessible for those commuting due to it being close to train stations. The nearby train stations are:

The university also has a free bus that travels to halls of residence, campuses and town.

Have you applied for this year?

If you haven't applied you can check if you are eligible to receive a Data Science MSc Scholarship open to support home students starting in September 2024, with a bursary of £10,000 each for those converting from a non-computing/maths background via our summer "boot camp" to study the MSc in Data Science. The deadline is 21st April 2024. For more information, visit the

Those who receive a scholarship will also still be eligible to apply for a postgraduate loan. For more information, read the

Kingston University Postgraduate Student Representative

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