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insure KCL or QMUL for Physics? Need advice pls

So, my predicted are 3A* in Maths, CS and Physics and KCL has given me a contextual offer of AAC and QMUL has given me contextual offer of BBC.
I am not sure which one to choose because I didn't opt for accomodation while I would be at QMUL and I don't want to live at home. I also I don't really want to go there from previous experiences.
However, when I went to their offer holder day for Physics it wasn't actually so bad, and it was convincing. I have yet to go to King's but I have high hopes because I know their dept is also pretty cool incuding their research.

Any students from QMUL or KCL please give me some advice or anyone in general?
I am kinda worried that I might not get the grades and a BBC would keep me safe as that's what an insurance is for, but like...idk if I really wanna go there if I don't get into my firm.
I'd like to know how accomodation at King's is like and how student satisfaction from both courses are if anyone could help me out. I would really appreciate it

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