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Help with student finance!

After filling out all the sections for my application to student finance I got to the section where my parents were both sent emails to fill out information. Both my parents were sent emails and my first person supporting the application (dad) was able to fill out the form however my mums account “didn’t match” is this due to me putting her just down as just Mary Campbell and not including her middle name as she had done when she previously set up her student finance account? I am unsure of how to change this- will filling out the form PFF2 and sending it instead work to fix this? Or does the account need to be changed online?
Thanks I’m advance.
Hi EllieCampbell05,

We have been encountering system errors in regards to sponsors supporting applications since the 24/25 launch so this is nothing that you have done incorrectly - sending the pff2 form will fix this. The processing timescale for this form is currently 20 working days.

You're welcome. If you have any further questions you can ask us on this platform.

Thanks, Drew

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