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The term ‘financially independent.’

Hi, fellow TSR users.

I’ve been browsing the forum in an attempt to find answers for my query. And whilst I have found some info to aid my optimism, I’m yet to find anything conclusive so I turn to you all.

I’ve applied for student finance as an undergrad for my first year. I’ll be moving to London from my home in Plymouth to take up my studies which start in September 2024.

Currently, I’m living with my mum & step dad. However, I pay rent to them & support myself financially, buy my own food & clothes, pay my phone bills alongside anything else I need, as I’m currently in full-time employment and have been for 3 years now.

I’ve said on my application that I’ve been financially independent for 3 years or longer (which is true) as I pay my own way and earn a full time salary as mentioned above.

Baring this in mind, will I be classed as financially independent on my application and therefore be able to receive more than the minimum payment? Or does the fact I live under the same roof as my parents affect my chances?

Thanks to whoever can help me 😁
hey there
as I understand it, you'd be considered financially independent. many of the questions on such applications are intentionally ambiguous to a degree, and you certainly won't be penalised for answering honestly and in line with your own understanding of your situation.
if you have any questions about specifics, it may be appropriate to contact SFE directly.
kind regards
Hi ahodge,

You can be classed as an Independent student under self support if you have supporting yourself financially for at least 3 years before the start of your course. You will need to send us evidence of this such as P60s but living with your parents does not necessarily preclude you from doing this.


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