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life sucks because of social anxiety

im almost finished sixth form and havent got anywhere socially because of social anxiety

no matter how hard i try i can never get over it, now i am destined to remain a friendless virgin loser for life
Sorry to hear you’re feeling like this. ❤️I would’ve been the same in school, and believe me it does get better! Do you have hobbies or interests? I enjoyed dancing so started to go do dance classes and met people with similar interests and found great friends. I know it’s easier said than done but push yourself out of your comfort zone. Go to clubs, say yes to more things. Maybe reach out to people you haven’t spoke to in while asking if they would like to meet up. Hope this helps! 😊
Same. It has ruined me so much. After resolving to do something important that requires me to talk to someone, it takes me atleast 2 weeks to implement it. This was the issue I faced with reference when I was applying for universities. However, even when I did, things did not go smoothly. This reference thing was only resolved completely yesterday, after 7 months. I had to worry constantly about this for 7 months because getting into a good uni is a dream of mine (i'm that studious person). I have no friends, and honestly I do not need any either but what bugs me is that whenever someone talks to me, even those whom I have known for three years, my mind shuts down and I end up smiling stupidly. But its not getter better. In fact, its getting worse. I am now socially anxious arond my sister, my grandmother and my father whom I LIVE with. And m from a brown family so we are really close. We eat dinners together n all. It sucks honestly. It will make me lose at life, no matter how ambitious I am.
I think you attitude in your "adult virgin" thread has some indication of whats happening for you.
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Original post by wanga_wanga
I think you attitude in your "adult virgin" thread has some indication of whats happening for you.

doubt it
Look at your life and ask yourself if you want to continue living this way. Then, observe the good and bad aspects of your life and see what you can do to change the bad. You have to take risks to be social and overcome your social anxiety. Your life in a year could be completely different. Last thing, never say that last sentence again. How will someone else believe in you if you don't believe in yourself?

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