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Leave strewing gales utter wails like violins meaning
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Original post by Sanchina
Leave strewing gales utter wails like violins meaning

Hi there!

This simile probably suggests a comparison between the sound of winds and the sound of violins playing mournful music
"strewing gales" likely refers to strong winds blowing debris or leaves around, whilst "utter wails like violins" implies that the sound of the winds is similar to the haunting, melancholic tones produced by violins.
In terms of terminology -
The use of personification through the dynamic verb "utter" in "utter wails" creates an image of winds howling with a sorrow, eerie quality, evoking a sense of desolation or sadness through the comparison to the sound of violins. It adds a poetic and emotive layer to the description of the winds, emphasising their powerful and mournful nature etc.

Hope this helps :smile:
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