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Bereavement. Money. Cow sister

So my dad passed away during Covid and we all got money. I’m his only child I got 50k and couple other grand from his other penison and my older sister who is not his biological child but my mums child got the same amount as me 50k. He was very proud of his family so I’m guessing he put her name down too.

My sister is a bit of a *****. I can get along with her but I don’t like her as a person at all. She degrades me alot and is very envious of me, she’s made a lot of bad desicion and f up in life and resents me because I haven’t.

Anywyas when he passed away before he was buried my mum was talking about my dads money because we had to deal with something and my mum said she would buy a house and put it under my name but we could all live there which I didn’t want to live with my sister. My sister was all in for it until she heard it would be put in my name and then she went mad shouted at my mum made her cry and kicked off( was she grieving or being a cow like she always is) anyways so when we found out financial situation money was given individually.

Anywyas I’m soooo ****ed that she got given the same amount for me. She’s never once bought flowers for his grave , never looked after him she didn’t do anything for him! I’m really upset and hurt but obviously I know I can’t be Cus it’s not my money but I hope you guys can understand where the hurt is coming from. It’s been 4 years she’s never bought even a flower for his grave. Nothing she’s done for him. I’m super hurt and I’m still grieving massively. I have alot of resentment for this. Before he passed I was looking after him bathing him and stuff she didn’t do ****.

How do I navigate these feelings please.
what do you think your dad would say if you told him how you were feeling?
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what do you think your dad would say if you told him how you were feeling?

He was very laid back he would probably tell me to it doesn’t matter and money doesn’t mean everything. ‘It is what it is’

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