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Master Degree Interview

Hi everyone,

So next week I have my interview for a master's programme I applied to. If you have any insights or tips and tricks on how to do well and what to expect I would really appreciate it :biggrin:
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Have minimum 2 mock interviews with your friend. When you try answering questions beforehand, I believe you will be more confident and concise when doing it for the real interview.

A friend of mine was accepted in UC Berkeley. He did a mock interview with me. In the end, the interview was arranged just to witness his level of English. His overall IELTS is 7.5 by the way.
Hi drmahita,

Congratulations on getting through to the interview stage!

My advice will be to write a few answers to questions such as:

Why do you want to study this course?
How is your experience useful for the course?
Research current topics relating to the course.

My last advice will be to show passion and also to practice with friends and family.

Good luck!

Kingston University Postgraduate Student Representative

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