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SFE website - continuous login error (please help)


I have been trying to apply for weeks and each time I sign in I am hit with the error:

"Sorry, something has gone wrong
An unknown error has caused the application to stop working.

Try and login later to resume your task."

I have been on the phone multiple times where they have reset my password/secret answer and the end result is I'm told to apply by post.

My partner has just tried to fill in her application and after progressing with a few steps was hit with the same error.

Is there nothing that can be done about this? I have tried multiple devices both laptops and desktop as well as mobile and no luck. Have also tried different browsers.
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Hi noooopzor,

There is no timescale as to when system errors will be resolved after being sent by post so in the meantime you will need to send a paper application.

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Hi Calum,

Thanks for the prompt reply. As a side question, for an EU citizen with indefinite leave to remain (settled status):

Is it a case of posting the passport and also (somehow) providing a share code to the settled status page? I'm just not sure how that will work in practice.

Hi there,

If you have settled status we will ask you to provide a share code on the application and will not need to see your passport.

Thanks, Drew

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